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HP printer is the best printing service provider machine having various models with immense fruitful features. HP Envy printer, HP Officejet printer, HP Officejet pro printer, and etc., are available in the market. If you have purchase any of its model and want to setup at home or office, then simply access the link 123.hp.com/setup. Here, you will find the right driver installation method for your printer, way to fill the ink into the container, steps of loading the stack of paper and many more basic procedures that are required for HP printer setup. Therefore, stop being worried and keep the given link accessible on your web browser instantly. Investing money for getting the actual printer for your home or office premises is not the only solution for printing document. As after buying the printer, you need to unbox the entire components appropriately from the box and then plug the cable into the port to connect your computer with printer. Someone’s having lack of technical knowledge cannot perform the printer setup by their own. They are in needed of making connection with tech-specialists for guidance.

HP Printer Model

How to Setup HP Printer? Access The Link 123.hp.com

To make HP printer usable for printing, scanning and faxing the document, setting up an HP printer is required. There are so many candidates having a query regarding HP printer setup. That’s why we provide a link 123.hp.com into the market through which users can take effectual ideas for printer setup. So, if you are trying to get your new HP printer up and running, hassle-freely give a click on the associated link. Throughout the information noted there will be beneficial to get your printer setup. Moreover, here are the basic steps you can follow to setup HP printer:

  1. First and forecast, take out all the components from the box by slightly removing the tape
  2. Now, plug the printer’s power cable into the port and make sure the power switch is on
  3. After that, connect the USB cable from the printer to the computer for establishing connection between these two devices
  4. In case you are using an HP wireless printer, then with the help of WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup you can connect the devices together over a wireless connection
  5. Now, go to the printer settings section on your computer
  6. If you are using a Windows computer, you will get this option in the “Control Panel”. If you are using a Mac operating system, you will find it in the “System Preferences”
  7. Now, look for the option to “Add a printer” and then follow the instructions that appear
  8. Now, it’s time to try printing something to test your printer
  9. You could print the document by opening the file you would like to print and select “File” menu, then tap “Print” button or simply press “Ctrl+P” on your keyboard or “Command+P” on Mac. After that adjust the settings according to your need like the size of paper, landscape or portrait mode, and anything
  10. Now, a dialog box will appear, locate and select the HP printer from the list and then tap “Print”
  11. Doing so will then be printed
HP Printer driver

Get HP Printer Driver Updated by Accessing the Link 123.hp.com/setup

When you set up your HP printer on your computer with the recommended HP software, a printer driver installs that offers you to accessing the features on your printer. The print driver lets you to change color, paper, quality settings and much more during printing the documents, photos, and web pages. In case you don’t have an idea about getting the latest updated printer driver on your PC, then don’t worry! Just put a click on the link 123.hp.com/setup and follow the guidelines exactly the same. Within the limited period of time, you will get an updated driver installed in your system and then hassle-freely print the document. Take a glance on the given points too:

  1. First, you have to remove or delete any previous installed printer driver from Windows and then try to install the update driver
  2. Now, to download and install the best available printer driver, you can simply go to the site 123.hp.com/setup
  3. Now, enter your printer model and then go through the on-screen instructions to download your driver
  4. Once driver is get installed on your PC, you have to go to the downloaded folder and look at that file
  5. Give a double click on that file to follow the on-screen instructions to start installing the driver
  6. During installation, when you are prompted to choose a connection type, select USB
  7. But if for some reason, the download fails or your printer is not listed at 123.hp.com/setup, continue with these below steps
    • First visit the official HP website on your computer browser
    • Now, go to “HP Customer Support- Software and Driver Downloads”, enter the model number of your HP printer and then ensure the operating system version is correct
    • If a “Let's identify your product to get started” page appears, click Printer, type the model number of your printer, and then click “Submit”
    • If you want to change the operating system, click “Change”, select your version, and then click “Change”
    • Under the Driver heading, click “Download” for the full software package, or click Basic Drivers for other driver options
    • When encouraged by the installer to choose a printer connection option, select USB to continue with and complete the setup
    • Try to print, scan, or fax, depending on your printer functionality

Get Linked-up with Experts for HP Printer Setup

We have proficient technicians available round the clock to assist you whenever getting stuck while performing HP Printer Setup on Windows or Mac. We provide top-notch services to enjoy with printing papers hassle-freely from your HP Printers. We have a team of highly proficient and well-educated supportive engineers understand the value of time and money. Therefore, if you somehow need an excellent technical support assistance and guidance, simply give a ring a ring at toll-free number. We are waiting here to make you feel restful with your HP printer. We deliver the world-class solution of the printer problems like:

  1. Compatibility issue with HP printer and computer
  2. Network connection problem
  3. Not finding printer driver on PC
  4. Paper gets jammed or stuck into the tray
  5. Can’t download the software for HP printer
  6. Printout is displaying black
  7. Getting smudged printouts
  8. How to load the paper?
  9. Ways to fill-up the ink
  10. Print quality and improvement settings
  11. Printer offline problem
  12. How to choose the paper type and its size?
  13. The text is very tough to read
  14. Printer won’t work

These are the most common technical glitches that have generally been asked by many HP printer users and our technical team of connoisseurs very efficiently ready to deal with those hurdles. When you contact them via phone call or emailing service, an instant possible solution will be delivered at your doorstep with an ease manner. The best part of our team is they are friendly in nature so all the helpless users always feel comfort while getting the remedy of their printer problem. For more info, you can also visit the site 123.hp.com/setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Printer Back Online?

Go to the Start icon on the bottom left of your screen then you will have to choose the ‘Control Panel’ option by accessing the ‘Start’ menu. Hereafter, you should opt for the ‘Devices and Printers’ option and then right-click the printer. In the next step, you will have to select the ‘See what's printing’ option. After that, you should choose the ‘Printer’ option and then go to the ‘Use Printer Online’ option. By this way, you will be able to get your printer back from offline to online.

How Do You Change The Status Of A Printer From Offline To Online?

For changing your HP printer’ offline status to online, you have to walk through the below-mentioned steps properly: First of all, you need to go to the ‘Control Panel’ option by using the ‘Windows’ button. After that, you should navigate to the ‘Devices and Printers’ option and then right-click the printer. Also, you ought to right-click the printer and consider choosing the ‘See what's printing’ option. Next, you should opt for the ‘Printer’ and then remove the check mark next to the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option.

Why Is My HP Printer Saying Its Offline?

Do you want to be aware of the reason why your HP Printer is keep displaying offline status? If you don’t know the exact way to do so, you should quickly check the connection. Here, you need to check the USB cable and replace it if you find it damaged. On the other hand, you also need to also make sure the network is stable. In addition to this, you are also advisable to try updating the printer drivers if available. Moreover, you should also approach the right source to fetch the technical assistance if any hurdle takes place.

How Do I Change My HP Printer From Offline To Online Windows 10?

Do you want to change offline to online status of your HP printer you are using with the Windows 10? For that, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  1. First of all, you should go to the ‘Start’ icon and then opt for the ‘Control Panel’ option.
  2. After that, you will have to go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
  3. Here, you need to right-click the printer and then opt for the ‘See what's printing’ option.
  4. Select the ‘Printer’ and then choose the ‘Use Printer Online’ option.

How Do I Make A Printer Go From Offline To Online?

Are you one of those who are looking to make a printer go from offline to online? The main problem is that you are completely unaware of the way to do so. In such a case, you should try accessing the control panel. Hereafter, you should find out and select the ‘Devices and Printers’ option. Next, you have to right-click the printer and then go with the ‘See what's printing’ option. Lastly, you need to choose the ‘Printer’ and then remove the tick available just next to the ‘Use Printer Offline’.

Why A Wireless Printer Is Offline?

Is your wireless printer showing offline status? Don’t you know about the way to change from offline to online? It happens due to communicate hurdles that means your printer is unable to communicate with your computer system. Apart from that, there can be numerous numbers of known and unknown reasons for such problems. Also, you should also check and download the update for your printer drivers if available on the official website. Moreover, if you are still facing the problems, you should approach the geeks and ask for help at anytime.

Why Does It Say My HP Printer Is Offline?

There are several reasons which might lead your printer to display offline status on the printer’s control panel. It can be a faulty printer, an outdated printer driver, wrong setting and many more which can cause the same. The major reason which might trigger the offline problem is the unstable connection between your computer and printer. To get rid of such hurdles completely from the root, you will have to check the connection. Also, you have to update the drivers and give a hard reset to your HP printer to boot it up.

How Do I Fix An Offline HP Printer?

Are you one of those who are running into offline printer problems? Do you want to fix an offline HP printer completely from the root? For that, go to the Start menu and then type the devices in the search box. Then, you will have to click the ‘Devices and Printers’ option and right-click the HP printer. Apart from that, you should to select the option says ‘Set as Default printer’. Once done, you should try printing a document to check if the problem is still arising.

How Do I Get My HP Envy Printer Back Online?

  1. First, go to the ‘Start’ menu by pressing the windows key.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel in the next step.
  3. Next, you will have to go to the Device and printer option.
  4. After that, you need to right-click the printer.
  5. Then, you should choose the option says ‘See what's printing’.
  6. Go to the ‘Printer’ option and then select the ‘Use Printer Online’ option.

These are the steps via which you will be able to change the offline status to online status. Also, you can opt for the help from the experts if any issues take place.